Call To Action

Sholem Aleichem was a man on a mission to evoke the rapidly changing world and culture of his people, with whom his own experience was deeply intertwined. His desire to spread his work as far and wide as his readers and their descendants would be dispersed was enshrined in 1916 in his Ethical Will, in which he wrote: “Select one of my stories, one of the very merry ones, and recite it in whatever language is most intelligible to you.”

Our Call to Action is a fun and participatory way to celebrate Sholem Aleichem’s life and works, and to discover some of the many facets of his legacy in the playful and presciently modern spirit he intended.


Jeremy Dauber, author of The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem, has selected five Sholem Aleichem excerpts that are particularly fun, energetic, and suited to being read aloud. Consider doing a reading at your next book club meeting, around the family dinner table, in the classroom, or in the peace and quiet of your own company.

Share! is bringing centennial celebrations online and we want as many people as possible to participate by sharing a reflection or announcement on social media and tagging your social media post #sholemaleichem. If you are feeling adventurous, record yourself reading out loud and share online using #sholemaleichem.

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