Maps & Timelines

The interactive storytelling tools on this page situate Sholem Aleichem in a number of different historical, biographical and geographical contexts. The timelines and maps below offer a visually rich and engaging experience, innovatively combining text, maps, photographs, paintings, cartoons, videos and an array of other material in ways that help tell the remarkable story of his life and times. As you explore this page you’ll discover more about how we partnered with Columbia University students to create this content.

This page will help orient anyone looking to dig deeper into the world of Sholem Aleichem and provides a great platform for further learning. Please visit the Student Activities page on this site to find out how you can make and share your own maps and timelines that reflect what you find most interesting about Sholem Aleichem. The tools on the Student Activities page are fun to use and we invite all Sholem Aleichem fans, not just students, to contribute to our growing archive!



Travels Through Russia

Wealth & Fortunes

Funeral Procession