Belaya Tserkov, 1883 -1887

In the years following Sholem’s exile from the Loyeff household, Olga successfully resisted her father’s attempts to marry her off. When Olga was alerted that Sholem’s articles were appearing in the Hamelitz journal, she obtained his address from the publishers. Now able to communicate directly with Sholem, Olga rekindled their romance, and the couple married in in 1883. In November 1883, the young couple moved to Belaya Tserkov, south of Kiev, where Sholem worked as inspector of sugar estates for millionaire Israel Brodsky, whose name later became a euphemism for fabulous wealth in Sholem’s fiction.

Pictured below: The house in which Sholem Aleichem and Olga lived in Belaya Tserkov as newlyweds between 1884 and 1887, as he adjusted to becoming a businessman and a man of wealth.

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