Bohuslav, 1873

After his wife’s death, Sholem’s father packed Sholem and his five siblings off to their mother’s Hasidic parents in the nearby town of Bohuslav, while he traveled to Berdichev to find a new wife. Bohuslav, in Sholem’s later recollection, was a place of tradition. The stories his ascetically inclined, mystically oriented grandfather told him were about Jewish history, as opposed to the stories of princes and treasures by which boys were typically captivated. Soon afterwards, he returned to Pereyaslav.

Old building (kamjanycia) in Bohuslav. 2011. Digital Image. From (accessed January 27th, 2016).

Built in 1726 the oldest surviving building in the small town of Bohuslav was a Jewish elementary school when Aleichem lived in the town. During Soviet times it was transformed into the museum of Komsomol [Soviet Youth] glory. Its present incarnation is a museum of decorative art.