Fund For Jewish Writers

Sholem Aleichem was outraged by the poverty many Jewish writers suffered through. In a letter to a newspaper in 1889 he called the poor financial condition of older Jewish writers: ‘the shame of our entire people’. During his time as wealthy inheritor in the 1880s he undertook many acts of kindness, including sending 300 rubles out of his own pocket to the widow of the writer Yehuda Steinberg. However Sholem fortunes faded and by 1902 it was he who was in need of charity writing to a friend: ‘I need money, and I need it now, today, yesterday I needed it … Gevalt, my dear brother, what should I do? I need, I need, I need!’.  Sholem’s contribution to the ‘Fund For Jewish Writers’ is one final act in a lifetime of promoting and protecting the creative life of the Jewish community.